Matzuo America® offers the most Innovative and Cost Effective products in the market today. We are never satisfied. We constantly innovate. We combine tried and true features with surprising innovations and finishes to produce some of the most exciting new products. Countless hours tank-testing our hard baits. Painfully precise bending of our sickle hooks to achieve the optimal 43.405 degree bend. Matzuo products are engineered to exceed expectations and deliver surprising value to consumers.                                 

Matzuo Jointed Tournament Crank Lure dropping into the water


Matzuo America’s® commitment to continuous product improvement and innovation has made us the fastest growing premium tackle company in America today.

Our success could not be achieved without the efforts of our passionate development team made up of dedicated hardcore anglers, pro staff, engineers and product designers who work tirelessly to produce the most innovative and cost effective fishing products on the market today.

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