The first ever Westin lure was created by the late Ingvar Westin, a skilled toolmaker who wanted to make a toy for his children. He carved a fish which wriggled and rolled like a real fish as they dragged it through the water. And since it looked like an oversized pike lure, he christened it “Jätte” – the Swedish word for “giant”. The Westin Jätte was born, and so was an entire new fishing movement – the Westin roll.

Even though he was creating a toy, Ingvar Westin was driven by passion and perfection. So it wasn’t long before others noticed the characteristic looks and movement of the Jätte. Local pike fishing experts compared its perfect balance and a side-to-side swimming action with the pike lures of the time. They found that due to Jätte’s size and unique action the biggest pike were irresistibly attracted to it. The children’s’ “toy” had found a serious purpose among the grown-ups!

Before long, pike fishermen near his home in Skutskär near Gävle were demanding Ingvar make more and more of these amazing lures for them in a choice of colours.
They used them in the local lakes, rivers and the brackish water in the Baltic Sea nearby – excellent pike fishing waters that offered up loads of great specimens to the new lure. Ingvar soon had a busy production line running.

By the time it allegedly trapped a giant pike in excess of 20kg in the Archipelago of Norrtälje in 1977, Jätte was famous far and wide as the go-to big predator lure.

Since then, the Westin Jätte has deceived some of the biggest, wiliest old pike in Sweden. What started out as a child’s plaything in 1952 has now become a well-established and trusted brand in the fishing tackle industry.

Today Westin offers a wide range of trusted lures, rods and other fishing equipment – all produced with the same passion for perfection as Ingvar Westin’s original lure, and created to satisfy those looking for the best tools to pursuit monster fish.

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